India is not only known for it’s rich and diverse culture, food, festivals, and heritage but also a wide range of dresses worn by both men and women.

Traditionally known as a Poshak is an Indian attire having a huge category to it. One of them is a Rajputi Poshak – the one that is loved and adorned by every caste and culture, especially Rajputs, is a blend of Rajput culture and Rajasthan’s heritage.

It was started by Charan Rajputana family and has been carried out since then. The Poshak is created having an essence of ethic and traditional culture to it. The Rajasthani Poshak includes blouses and ghagaras while Rajputi dress consists of four i.e. odhni, kurti, kanchali and ghagara.

The women of Rajasthan wear it with pride, and flaunt it gracefully as this is not only very beautiful and exhibits the traditional royal culture, but also because of the fact that it was worn by Maharanis of Rajput.

Even in this modern era, women prefer to wear a Rajputi Dress as it exhibits their royal culture and also makes them stand out in the crowd. They say it makes them feel like a queen; now that’s a dream! Not only this, there is something for everyone and every occasion when it comes to Rajputi Poshak:

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